Thursday, February 16, 2012

so full DISCLOSURE:  We have no idea what we are doing!  Don't get us wrong....we have GREAT ideas, and the BEST of intentions. It's the computer saVVY we seem to lack. Everytime we think we will sit down and post a thing or two, we realize that the pictures are not where we need them to be.  They are on a phone or on a computer we aren't sitting at or heaven forbid, still on the camera!  Small problems for most folks, granted.  But Keeknbeese are not the most t
'techie' people you've ever met.
In fact, we are currently trying to read about blogging, so as to get better, cuz who wants to follow a blog that a: never posts and b; never posts anything fun and c: never Posts anything with pictures!

Now you have seen pictures on our blog, I can be done.  But notice, only one or two at a time.  and We can't seem to figure out how to add comments to said pics.

So sadly, we had great pictures to go along with our great blogs for the past 3 months...our Vintage Whites Christmas Show, decorating for the Holidays, Hitting the junking trail in a small car and cramming as much junk in as we could.  We also have a permanent booth at 4th Ave. by the Tracks and are gearing up for the Prairie Sisters Show on Feb. 25th.

So even tho we have nothing fun to show you this time, I promise we are working on it.  In the meantime you will just have to be dazzled by our scintillating wit, Or not.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Vintage whites market

The Vintage Whites Market Christmas Show is coming! Saturday November 19th at the Fairgrounds in Kalispell. Please come see us at our booth. This is one of the many mini hutches Keek has made for the occasion. Hope to see you there!
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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Many Mini amazing things

So Keek was commissioned by a woman on Etsy (her site is back up and running, go check it to reproduce a few mini vignettes she saw on the site.  The catch?  She wanted them to be EVEN smaller than they were!  She needed them to be in 2" scale.  But alas, Keek was able to pull it off (as if we ever doubted!) and into the mail they went.  A little while later she received word that the customer had received them and LOVED them (of course!).  But here's the kicker, the client turned out to be the President of the New Orleans chapter of NAME (that's the National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts) and was using them in a display at a state conference!  How cool is that?  Way to go Keek!
Keeknbeese are hard at work getting trying to get our @#$% together and get this biz goin'.  New cards are in the works, many projects are underway, and our next shows are set.  Keek will be joining some new friends for a Christmas show at the historic Conrad Mansion the weekend before Halloween and then Keeknbeese will be at the Vintage Whites Christmas show and Snow Ball on Nov. 19th.
Today the girls took a road trip to pick up some junk.  We filled a pickup truck and an aluminum boat with some great stuff! Can't wait to get it unloaded and "re-fab-ed"!
When Beese got home she was so happy to find her new piano (a great Salvation Army find) in her living room.  Don't you just love the sound of a real piano?  It looks amazing and the kids love it too!  Bonus.  Now where to put the lockers we also scored.... better go find our tapemeasure!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

New Beginings

So we have always wondered...."How do you start a blog?" and "why would anyone care to read it?", but a few sleepless (okay, more than a few) nights later, we are addicted to reading other peoples musings.  And, it seems, so are millions of others.  But do WE have anything worth saying?  Are there people out their that might be interested in what WE are up to?

Only one way to find out!

I guess introductions are in order.  We are Sisters.  Born 10 years and 2 days apart.  Raised much like mother and daughter for many of those years as older sister marries young and does much raising of younger sister after parents divorce.  Younger sister grows up and the sisters become best friends.  We will call them Keek (sister #1) and Beese (sister #2) as these have been their nicknames all their lives.  The past  year has brought a lot of changes for the sisters both professionally and personally.  Beese has left the creative and crazy world of Salons and Spas, giving up her short career as a nail tech, to enter the crazy world of Banking (I know, 180 or what?!) and provide  more stability (read: steady income, benefits...) for her family (more about them later).  Sadly, Keek lost her amazingly loving and supportive husband Dan to stomach cancer in March.  They had just purchased a sweet little piece of land with fruit trees, a huge garden, a sweet little studio for Keek, and plenty of space for their two dogs, 3 grown children, and numerous other family members to come and enjoy.  It's been the worst of the worst for her and even though she has shared in her journey Beese still can't imagine what she is going through.
This is where the New Beginnings come in. 
The Sisters now live a few miles from each other and are embarking on a new project together....this thing called "JUNKING"!  What a world that has opened up to us!  We have always been junkers, just didn't know we deserved an actual title, SWEET!
Now that we know there is a whole wide world of sista' junkers out there, we are happily joining the ranks.  We made it to our first Farm Chicks show this year (tho we have been itchin' to go for years) and got some great inspiration so we came home and promptly signed up for our first Vintage Whites Market in Somers, MT.  We have met some great gals through this process and are thankful for their encouragement.  We hope to expand and expound from here on out! ONWARD AND UPWARDS, as they say.Did we mention Keek's miniatures?  Throughout their 30+ years of marriage Keek and Dan were always creating something and selling it.  Ever since she was a little girl Keek has been enamored with the world of all things rendered in "TINY".  She creates amazing vignettes out of seemingly nothing, and it is always fun to discover the true identity of her materials!  She has a store on Etsy called Detail in Miniature, you'll want to check it out....but sadly it is has been on 'vacation' since Dan's diagnosis but soon to be back in 'full force', we'll keep you posted.
The Sisters are also at work on starting a Foundation in Dan's honor that will hopefully bring more awareness to Gastric Cancer as it is a very deadly and horrible disease.  We will keep you posted about our progress with that as well.
We had a few of Keek's 'wee' delights at our booth at the Vintage Whites Market and who should pop by but one of our FAVE"S from the Farm Chicks show: Funky Junk Jennifer!  Imagine our surprise when a few days later her blog posted Keek's mini's as her FAVE'S at the show! What a kick!
So we hope you will join us in our NEW BEGINNINGS and crazy adventures as we try to navigate our way as newbies in this super-fun world of Junking and Crafting we have stumbled, tripped, and thrust ourselves into! Stay tuned as we introduce you to our nutty families, our adorable pets, and all the quirks and quibbles that go along with being Sisters, Best Friends, and now Business Partners! AAAAGGGHHHHH!